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Welcome To

Woodland Institute

Woodland is the most ambitious educational project of the last decade in Latin America. It will be based in Mexico, having two face-to-face campuses in Guanajuato & Yucatán (short- mid term goals).

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Woodland has been working online with children worldwide for more than five years. Now it will open its doors with an institute of high academic performance with an international curriculum, taking its students to experience education in a fun and surprising way.

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The No #1 Online College, now in face-to-face model

Education Is The Passport To The Future

For 75 years, the educational curriculum in Mexico has not been reconstituted. This particularity has led our children and young people to have a lagging academic global competition.

Woodland aims for students to achieve the most ambitious goals at a very young age, owning an academic structure of high standards and the most advanced technology.

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Campus Yucatán

A small city of knowledge

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A six-year construction project in Yucatan campus with intelligent spaces and a harmonious environment, totally ecological and sustainable.


Fully automated classrooms, with the most advanced technological tools. Thoroughly under international educational standards.


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Multilingual Programs

Our classes are run bilingually.

We prepare all our students from an early age to communicate in the languages ​​Spanish, English, French and Mandarin.

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Thynk Unlimited Program

We have alliances and endorsements from organizations such as: NASA, UN, LEGO School, MINECREAFT EDUCATION, ROBLOX, CURRICULUM INTERNATIONAL, OXFORD, Alliance Française, HSK, among others


Sustainable ecological spaces

Our entire building has intelligent technologies, which are friendly to the environment, and committed to the planet ever since construction.

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Student Goal



Good Education

Have the ability to compete globally as a result of high academic standards

Best Attitude

Develop the right attitude, before the challenge they must face regardless of age. Always appealing to ethics, love, tolerance and empathy.

Our Projection


First stage

Three years

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woodland the future today

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